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    AmazingSyrup New Member Cæruxi

    Player Information:

    What game(s) are you planning on playing with us most? (hereafter referred to as the Game) DnD, WoW, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, basically anything that involves hanging out and having a good time

    What is your username on the Game’s online forums? AmazingSyrup

    Are you willing to use TeamSpeak? Yes and i am already connected to the server

    What MMOs have you played in the past? AQ Worlds and more recently WoW

    What Tabletop Roleplaying games have you played in the past? Currently in a pathfinder game and have had a one or two one off games of DnD

    How did you hear about the 7th Veil and what attracted you to us? I was referred by a friend so now im friends with a few people on the server.

    Game Specific Information:

    Your Character names and concepts (as applicable):

    Do you plan on roleplaying your character(s)? If the situation calls for it, i would happily roleplay my character

    What are your thoughts on PvP? I prefer PvE but I am not against doing PvP

    What facets of the Game are you most attracted to? Its more the experience of spending time with people and having fun together that im most attracted to


    Do you have any technical or artistic skills that would aid in forming out of game resources? I know my way around ye olde photoshope and own a drawing tablet.

    Anything else about yourself you would like to share or have us consider? If you see me around, feel free to come say hi ^-^ im always looking forward to making new friends

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