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    golferguygreen New Member Cæruxi

    Player Information:

    What game(s) are you planning on playing with us most? (hereafter referred to as the Game) Pathfinder or D&D

    What is your username on the Game’s online forums? Golferguygreen

    Are you willing to use TeamSpeak? Yes. I have never used it and would probably need help setting it up, but I would be happy to use it.

    What MMOs have you played in the past? Everquest

    What Tabletop Roleplaying games have you played in the past? D&D 3e
    Gamma World

    How did you hear about the 7th Veil and what attracted you to us? I posted on the Pathfinder Facebook page and someone told me about this site and this group.

    Game Specific Information:

    Your Character names and concepts (as applicable): I don't have specific names or characters made up yet but I have several ideas and concepts both serious and funny.
    Serious - a brawler who accidentally killed his brother and can't forgive himself; a self taught bard who is on the run; a captured gnome sorcerer who was forced to be an evil duke's court jester
    Funny - a bard who encourages his party through terrible motivational quotes; a gnome barbarian with a Napoleon complex, a chip on his shoulder, and a smart mouth

    Do you plan on roleplaying your character(s)? Absolutely

    What are your thoughts on PvP? Sounds fun

    What facets of the Game are you most attracted to? Character development and role playing the character. I love characters who have a flaw.


    Do you have any technical or artistic skills that would aid in forming out of game resources? Unfortunately no

    Anything else about yourself you would like to share or have us consider? I haven't played in years and I'm excited and eager to get back into it. Most of my free time would be limited to weeknights. I hope everything works out and I get to play with you soon!

    Thorgrim Echo Woodsman Steward Cæruxi Sylvan

    Hi Golferguygreen!

    I'm the one who spoke with you on Facebook. I know that @Grogimus is trying to get a game going, but I'm not sure if he is hoping to do weeknights or weekends. We currently have at least two other active games going on, so there's no shortage of players!

    Welcome to the seventh veil! If you're around later tonight maybe I can help you get TS set up :)


    golferguygreen New Member Cæruxi

    I just saw this! Pleas don't think I was ignoring you. I am excited and ready to get going. As far as games go, I just need a group who will be patient with a newb.

    As far as games go, are there any current ones looking for players?

    Thorgrim Echo Woodsman Steward Cæruxi Sylvan

    There was one that @Grogimus was hoping to get started, but he hasn't said anything about it in a couple weeks. It is summer time, so maybe he went on vacation. I'll PM him.

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