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    hex.character New Member Cæruxi

    Player Information:

    What game(s) are you planning on playing with us most? (hereafter referred to as the Game) Pathfinder / Rise of the Runelords

    What is your username on the Game’s online forums? hex.character

    Are you willing to use TeamSpeak? Yes

    What MMOs have you played in the past? Runescape, various free-to-play stuff

    What Tabletop Roleplaying games have you played in the past? Pathfinder, DnD 5e, Mutants & Masterminds 3e, Dark Heresy, World of Darkness / Scion

    How did you hear about the 7th Veil and what attracted you to us? Referral by a user who is running an online Pathfinder game

    Game Specific Information:

    Your Character names and concepts (as applicable): Arcane caster support character. Probably a bard who uses witty banter to encourage their allies in combat.

    Do you plan on roleplaying your character(s)? Yes

    What are your thoughts on PvP? PvP is only ok if the players (and GM) have already agreed to it. In a cooperative game, unplanned PvP is usually disruptive and hurts the group cohesion.

    What facets of the Game are you most attracted to? Sense of adventure, hopefully with an immersive story. Socializing with others with similar interests. Building enough power to support the other players and help the group succeed.


    Do you have any technical or artistic skills that would aid in forming out of game resources? Upon request. I have some google spreadsheets for managing party loot and funds.

    Anything else about yourself you would like to share or have us consider? I was asked to apply here by the GM for a specific game. I am not currently looking for other games to join.
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    Fult Well-Known Member Cæruxi Frozen Fingers Seventh Veil Geographical Society

    Welcome, Hex.Character
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    Thorgrim Echo Woodsman Steward Cæruxi Sylvan

    Welcome to the Seventh Veil, hex.character! :)

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