Thorgrim and Thimble

Discussion in 'Pathfinder Online' started by Thorgrim, Jan 14, 2017.


    Thorgrim Echo Woodsman Steward Cæruxi Sylvan

    Hey guys,

    I sold my Thorgrim Foegrinder and Thimble Fiddlewinks account in PFO. My family and I have done a lot over the past year to buckle down, cut costs, and save money, and I can't justify keeping the account in the hope that PFO will bounce back. I hope that it does, and if it does I will likely buy a new account to play with, so don't completely count me out yet. :)

    Sylva remains in control of TSV with the exception of the Echo Wardens, which Duffy has a character in as leader. He's agreed to hand it off to someone from TSV leadership if requested, though.


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