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  1. This is how I contribute to our community!

    (Awesomely enough, when you hover over a pin on the mini map, the pop information will actually display without having to have your focus on the game window! Very convenient!)

    Dazyk Bank Guard Duty.PNG
  2. Dazyk has a love of knowledge and peace, but does not hesitate to draw his sword when his friends and loved-ones are in danger. Honour and truth are of the highest import, in his eyes.

    Through his love for exploration and adventure, Dazyk has learned to love and respect the immense power of the world and all its creatures. This has also translated into a passion for cartography and reference books, in which he records his travels and his encounters with strange and wonderful beings.

    Of course, having such a proclivity for information gathering has led Dazyk to meet, and even tutor, other, like-minded, knowledge seekers and explorers; however, he often finds himself the subject of disdain and contemptuousness from the older, more conservative sages and scholars.

    After all, it is difficult to be taken seriously--intellectually--when your dented and blood-stained armour squeaks and scrapes every time you squeeze yourself into your writing table chair, or when your hands appear to be better suited to grasping a massive greatsword than to handling a delicate quill.

    Of course, he often wears his welcome at such 'bastions of knowledge' thin when he (accurately) corrects the sentence structure and grammar in the latest 'masterpiece' written by the Headmaster. He can’t help it if the Headmaster has syntax and verb-tense issues!

    Truthfully, Dazyk would much rather be DOING the interesting and wonderful exploring and adventuring that he writes about anyway, rather than TALKING about it ad nauseam. He can, therefore, rarely be found spending any length of time in such ‘civilized’ places; he much prefers the singing wind on the open road.
  3. Please comment on the Quick Reference tables in the comment section below:

    Is the data easily accessible?
    Is the data clear and concise?
    Is the data grouped correctly?
    Are the columns labelled clearly?

    Any suggestions on a better layout? Other comparisons between the related states/buffs/debuffs?

    Let me know!
  4. Effects-States.png

    link to data: PFO Quick Reference
  5. Untitled.png

    link to data: PFO Quick Reference
  6. View attachment 38 s&a.png
  7. Damage by Tier & Plus.png

    Google Doc Source: PFO Reference