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  1. I am in need of a twin and as I could pretty easily grab a past character and play that again, I thought I would poll the audience. What kind of character should my alt be? I will be in early entry so my classes are limited to Rogue, Cleric, Fighter, Wizard. My Race is limited to Elf, Dwarf and Human. My Gender, well I have no idea but whatever. What Should I specialize in? Gathering, Refining, Crafting, Adventuring. I am game with anything from an Anti-Paladin (which I cannot be at the moment) worshiping the destruction of knowledge. To a LG rogue who doesn't steal or mislead. Just post your ideas, we can have a vote after. Be as specific as you can, the more specific the better. Top entries will polled on later this week.
  2. With only a short time left before the release I think now is the time to get a new computer. upgrading my 2007 tower is out of the question. So the question is do I buy a preconfigured copmuter or build something to suite. I know the processor and video card are the most important, but I honestly don't know which one is the 'right' one for me.

    my budget is slim as I need to do a bunch of housework (regrade my yard, replace carpeting and fix my mold issue [you guessed it water in my basement]) so I have enough to buy what I need to but not enough to buy a lot more.

    As far as use goes, want to play PFO and seach the internet, some word processing but not much else.

    Should I wait until Alpha release and see what it is running on for those on Alpha?
  3. Welcome to the Seventh Ale, home of Jatti, his brews and where his friends come to hang out. Before I get to far into this blog you should get to know me. I am a Chaotic Good Cleric of Cayden Cailean. I don't find many reasons to fight, but if you get between me and my brew you best have a weapon in your hand or it won't be a fair fight. I call my home the Seventh Ale, as named by Fult this tavern is my home, I brew as often as I can always attempting to create the perfect ale. My signature ale is an intoxicating high hopp bitter beer with a light taste of willow. I find it takes the pain away a bit faster than other ales.

    I joined up with these freedom loving folks over here at the Seventh Veil because here there is a place for everyone. They might talk about books a lot, but really they just want to have a good time (and not at anyones expense.) I am liking the it here because there are a lot of people who are on a lot of time, this creates a nice community. Also because everyone likes to joke around and have a good time.

    I am looking forward to early enrollment since this will be a great time to learn the game mechanics and get everyone out there to have some fun and build a community in game. I joined up with a party we are a bunch of freedom fighters who just will fight if we need to and not if we don't. We don't take orders like the guards and we don't uphold stupid laws, what we do is stand up for each other if we need to and well thats a creed I can live up to.

    Looking forward to the game, just a short time left.