Welcome to the new website! Be sure to check out the FAQ.
Just implemented privacy on messages. When you post a new message, there will be a box below the one you type the message in with instructions on how to set it so that only specific people can see that message. You are also automatically set as being able to read the message as well, and any reply to a message will automatically include the people included in the message you're replying to.

Give it a try and let me know if you guys encounter any strange behavior!

Incidentally, this post is the first branching that has happened outside of testing. That feature is probably the main thing making this forum different from any other, so what do you guys think?
New users can now register on the Login page. It will automatically check the old forum user data to make sure you don't already have an account, so it's safe to use when you aren't sure (but just trying to log in is also safe).

Register Here
So some of you may have noticed that the website was down for a couple days. It wasn't actually down - the short version is that the domain wasn't working but everything could still be accessed direc...
I've been spending the last day or more creating and modifying some of the admin tools, and increasing security in a couple of places. I also added a 404 page, so put nonsense in the URL and you'll see that. The hope is that the 404 page will catch people who are trying to go to a bookmarked page on the old website, and allow them to transition to the new website easily.

I also updated the FAQ with some new info, including what tags you can use in forum posts and info about a page containing the history and everything about the Seventh Veil. That last one is a work in progress, though, but if any of you would like to contribute then drop me a PM or email.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I also made it so that admins can see all private messages. It was true of private forum posts on the old site, though not conversations, but PMs on this site are integrated directly into the forum so they're kind of the same thing here. Rest assured, though, that only admins can see those messages (besides whoever you type into the recipients list), and they're color coded so the first time we'll see them is likely in a truncated form.

Currently the only admins are myself, SirJubal, and Decius.
< I also added a 404 page > Ooooh, wow! Fult did not realize Thorgrim already wrote 403 pages since our arrival! Thorgrim must have an iron wrist! ...
I've added the ability to edit posts. If you are logged in you should see an Edit button next to the Reply button on your own posts, including on private posts. You won't be able to add recipients to posts which are already public, but if the post was initially posted as a private post then you can add any recipients you'd like. Admins can edit any post, with the same limitation on not being able to make a post private once it's posted publicly.
We now have SSL set up. A friend of mine (who hopefully signs up) showed me https://letsencrypt.org/ and the whole process, including setting up automation, took like 10 minutes. What a difference from previous sites I've installed certs for which were a huge pain. This was 100% painless and hopefully will automatically renew the cert so we never have to worry about it.
Huzzah! Cedric approves of your green checkmark in the scrying window by signing up for campfire web site!
Someone reported just now that the SSL is giving an error. If anyone else notices that, please let me know. I think he was using the Edge browser.
I added search functionality to the forum main page. Please let me know if there are any issues with it - it got pretty complicated, and it's always good to have more people testing things.
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