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Just implemented privacy on messages. When you post a new message, there will be a box below the one you type the message in with instructions on how to set it so that only specific people can see that message. You are also automatically set as being able to read the message as well, and any reply to a message will automatically include the people included in the message you're replying to.

Give it a try and let me know if you guys encounter any strange behavior!

Incidentally, this post is the first branching that has happened outside of testing. That feature is probably the main thing making this forum different from any other, so what do you guys think?
The thread navigation seems fairly simple, good. Should still be intuitive with the branching, so we'll see how this branch looks. Btw - account profiles/settings? A WiP?
Account/profile management is a work in progress, if you want to change your avatar/icon you have to go to the gravatar.com website and make an account, there are more details in the help page.
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