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Thimble crouched down, looking at the tracks. The deer in the area were much less timid than the ones he remembered in the lands around Sylva. When he and his friend Thorgrim Foegrinder had somehow managed to have their souls shake the curse that Pharasma had placed on them, they found themselves in a strange new land. Slowly others began appearing, while others still seemed to have the ability to travel to and from the cursed area at will. Stranger yet, those that could travel back had told Thimble and Thorgrim tales of their bodies being inhabited by the souls of strangers, and the two had been seen going about their business far away from Sylva, as if they were entirely different people.

At the beginning, the hunting camp that the two friends had started to create, with help from the paladin Sir Jubal and the sorcerous rogue Decius, was very small and consisted of only a clearing in the trees in which they could speak with one another as a team. Over many months the friends worked, and slowly the camp took shape. Now, Thimble thought proudly, many other friends had joined them at the camp, which had become a place where they could record their thoughts, accept others into the Seventh Veil, coordinate, and protect and contribute to the core of the Seventh Veil: knowledge and history. Knixi, Venesaur, and AmazingSyrup joined them from the land of Azeroth. Fult, one of those able to travel to and from the lands cursed by Pharasma, joined them in calling the camp his home. Wizards and scholars had come seeking the knowledge contained within the Seventh Veil, and they helped defeat the shrouding spell cast upon the camp by witches employed by rulers of the land in which the archives used to be housed. Even Xennkari and the Hunter of Storms found the camp and shared a meal with everyone before returning to other lands. Finally Doloronos, the young but eager wizard, appeared at the camp one evening and told his tale of finding an academy where he was able to further his studies in search of more knowledge to add to the archives.

Much had been accomplished, and it felt to Thimble that the Seventh Veil was beginning to see a rebirth. They had seen a rise and fall within Pharasma's Curse, in the land of the River Kingdoms, but now that they no longer seemed to be chained by that curse they could build back up, bring in new friends like the shaman Mathesto who had recently joined, and become even greater than they once were.

Thimble stood up and looked through the trees at the camp. It felt good to have a place again where they could all be together. It felt good to be home.
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