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Hi everyone, I'm Thorgrim Foegrinder.

I joined The Seventh Veil in very early 2013, more than 7 years ago. It was actually Nihimon's forum presence on the Paizo forums that attracted me to the Seventh Veil initially, but what kept me here was the fantastic community and friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

I'm one of two Stewards of the Seventh Veil, and one of three Admins of the website. I do a lot of the behind the scenes things, like managing the server that the TeamSpeak and website are on, making sure the scripts that keep those things up and running and maintained are still running, and building tools like the website (and the Storehouse, a fan site tool for Pathfinder Online, which I no longer manage).

I live in Maryland, USA, and I've had all sorts of jobs - real estate agent, home inspector, bounty hunter, private investigator, tech support over the phone, reception in person for an architecture firm, and several others including, of course, freelance full stack web development. I even had Key Man insurance for a startup once, which was pretty awesome. Currently I'm a stay at home dad and I take care of two beautiful twin toddlers, a boy and a girl, who I've named characters after in a couple of games that I've played. I love to travel, and my wife and I have visited a TSV member in New Zealand and we look forward to traveling and visiting more friends in the future.

While my first game with the Seventh Veil was Pathfinder Online, a full pvp sandbox, I also enjoy fantasy roleplaying games such as Skyrim, and I used to play WoW way too much back in the days of vanilla and the first few expansions. Currently I can be found logging into Rust occasionally, where I prefer building and surviving over the pvp aspect of the game, and I'm anxiously awaiting Crowfall as well as staying open to something new catching my attention. My gaming time is limited these days because of my kids, but I still try to get a few hours a week in of either gaming or working on the website and such.
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