The open beta for Dauntless begins in a couple days. I was really excited for this game when I first heard about it a year or so ago, and hearing about the open beta beginning, and that it'll be free to play after that, gets me excited again.

Who wants to play with me? :)
How long is the open beta period? Until launch? Do you know the scope of it off hand?
From what I can tell, it's a real beta in that systems are being tested. It's not an early release like some "beta" periods are. They just did a wipe yesterday but there hasn't been any mention of further wipes, so it's possible that progression in open beta will carry into release.

Here is some more info on what's coming:
I was able to log in and play for a bit last night. The opening sequence is pretty cool, they've got some intro videos mixed in with the tutorial, but I can see how the tutorial could be improved. For example, they mention tracking the behemoth at one point but there's no indicator of which way to go other than just follow the path determined by the landscape.

The game is also more cartoony than I expected, though I do like how they did character creation. I look forward to playing some more in the coming days and weeks.
So a bunch of us have been playing Dauntless for the past few hours, and it's actually really fun. It looks like they're making headway with the server issues, and things are noticeably better now than they were earlier today.
Omg, the game will get 100x better when they finally implement it.
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