Fult burned aromatic herbs to sanctify new site and asked Gorum to protect the tribe. Good Omens. Fult thanks Thorgrim and Jubal for their scouting and the organization of the new hunting camp. Let's see the resources around here...
Your ritual is greatly appreciated, friend. Gorum has always smiled upon us, allowing us to continue fighting to defend our lands. It will take time, but we will build this hunting camp into something great, where friends new and old can come sit by the fire when they wish.
The shroud that was laid upon us by those who control the lands where we used to hunt has been lifted. Was the torch I sent to you via raven sufficient to allow you to make your way through the darkness? I thought that we would have to wait until the Day of the Sun for the shroud to lift, but our wizards were able to fight a magical battle with their witches and overcame the spell.
Hi, Thorgrim The torch has been useful, thank you. And Thorgrim knows how to explain things to Fult. If all messages were like Thorgrim message, there would never be any confusion between people. Is Thorgrim sure the wizards were not the cause of the shroud? Wizards play with things that should not be allowed to play with. Wizards and witches walk hand in hand. Fult knows the best way to dismiss spells and spellcasters is good iron. Fult sad Fult can not help with the camp, but Fult knows nothing about the gnomish apparatus that Thorgrim handle. Gnomes make every simple thing look awfully complex and inefficient. But Fult will continue to try to break everything around here so Thorgrim will know if the camp can resist foes.
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