If you don't find the help you need here, please email Thorgrim.

Welcome to the new website for The Seventh Veil. The old website was far from perfect (though currently far better than this one, which will be a work in progress for some time!). Below you will find an FAQ which will be updated as development continues and as we get feedback. Speaking of feedback, please email Thorgrim with any feedback, good or bad, as long as it's constructive.

Why the new site? For several reasons. The old website cost a lot of money, and those of us running The Seventh Veil were paying loads of money out of pocket. We still are, but it's less than it used to be. We pay less for the website now, but we also maintain a TeamSpeak server, which is far from free. Eventually we will get a donation page up and running for those who wish to contribute. We also wanted more freedom with what we could do with the website, and XenForo was way too restrictive. We hope that one day this site will have lots of different tools for lots of different games, and that it'll be a place where we can all count on being able to interact with friends essentially forever.

Help! I can't log in! Use the same log in as you did on the old website. We were able to import the user data from the old website, and when you log in for the first time that data will be converted into the format we use for this site. If you don't remember your password or you used Facebook or something else to log in to the old site, email Thorgrim and he'll try to figure out how to get your account working with the new site.

What makes this forum different? There are a lot of differences between this website's forum and a typical forum. We've incorporated elements of Twitter, Reddit, traditional forums (fora?), as well as some homebrew ideas. We hope you like it, and we welcome all constructive feedback. Right now it's pretty bare bones, but we hope to incorporate Ajax in the hopefully not too distant future so that it feels more fluid, like most modern social media websites do.

Ok, but how do I use it? When you visit the forum by clicking the link that's hopefully at the top of the page, you'll arrive at a page that lists the most recent posts along with the first post in their thread shown above them. If you're logged in, you will then see a way to begin a new thread. You can always click on the timestamp of any post to view it and place focus on it. Think of each thread as a tree rather than a top to bottom line of posts; you can reply to any post to create a new branch in the tree. If you reach the end of a branch, you will be able to reply to continue the branch using a form that will automatically appear below the last post in that branch. When reading posts, you will see branches represented by indented posts which are children of the non-indented post above them. You will be able to see their children once you follow that branch by clicking on the timestamp of the post indicating the branch you wish to follow. The purpose of this design is to allow free flowing conversation that can organically evolve without derailing other conversations which have also evolved in the same thread. You can also rate posts with a thumbs up or thumbs down, which can change which branches are followed by default when reading a thread.

Can I use BBCodes in my post? No, but you can use the following HTML tags: pre, hr, font, p, b, u, i, s, a, img, video, br, li, ol, ul. This list is subject to change at any time, but we'll try to keep the list updated in this FAQ.

Who can see my post? Currently, all posts are public, but support for private posts or messages sent to other users is a high priority. The current design is for those things to be incorporated into the forum, so you'll navigate private and group communication the same way.

How do I change my Avatar? The site uses Gravatar for avatars, and pulls it using the email address on your account.

Who, or what, is The Seventh Veil, anyway? Click on The Seventh Veil at the top of the page, or here, to learn more.

How can I help? Providing feedback is pretty useful, as is donating once we get that part of things set up. You can also recruit people to join the Seventh Veil from games that you like to play, so that our community grows, and simply using the site and creating organic conversations using the forum will help us fine tune things.

What about TeamSpeak? We still run the TeamSpeak server, as we always have. Download the TeamSpeak 3 client here and connect to teamspeak.khaiognos.org using the default port and no password.